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Call us: 905-591-4STK (4785)

Our Facility & Location

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Our Address

Stouffville Taekwondo Karate
30 Innovator Avenue, Unit 10
Stouffville, ON
L4A 0Y2

Phone: 905-591-4STK(4785)
Email: info@s-t-k.ca
Web: www.s-t-k.ca

Dojang Etiquette

  • Before entering the Dojang shoes must be off and neatly placed aside.
  • Student uniforms must be clean. Hands and feet must be clean and fingernails and toenails trimmed.
  • Belts must be tied correctly and tight before entering the Dojang. Anyone who does not bring their belt to class must stand at the end of the class line-up.
  • Before entering the Dojang. The student should bow to show respect for the place of learning.
  • Students will line-up according to belt rank from highest to lowest and quietly stand at attention. The senior student will command the other students to turn and bow to Instructor when he enters the Dojang.
  • Students should always show enthusiasm and give 100% while training. Respect, focus, patience, self-control, and compassion are to be demonstrated at all times!
  • When demonstrating techniques with the Instructor or when working with a fellow student always bow before and after the technique is shown or performed.
  • When leaving the Dojang always bow into the Dojang to show respect and thank your Instructor for the lesson. Exit quietly.
  • Students should remove all hats and jewellery in the Dojang.

Find Us

Our Programs


Little Dragons

A fun and exciting program for pre-schoolers ages 3-6.



Classes for school-age children ages 7-12.



Competetive and recreational programs for youth ages 12-18.



An active and dynamic Taekwondo program for adults age 18+.


After School Program

2-5 days available for children age 4-12.